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When you first enter NHL 16 you can choose between three different types of control settings. To change your control settings at any time go into the NHL 16 main menu and select CUSTOMIZE > SETTINGS > CONTROLLER SETTINGS.


The NHL 94 Control scheme is the easiest to use and is best for players who want a more casual experience. Use buttons to shoot, pass and hit.


The Hybrid Control scheme gives players more options on the offensive and defensive side of the puck. Buttons are still used to shoot, pass and hit; however you now can control the type of shot you take (wrist shot/slap shot) and whether you want to hit your opponent or poke the puck on defense. 


This Skill Stick setting gives you complete control from any position. The Skill Stick allows for complete fluidity, allowing you to shoot and deke using just the right analog stick. For tips on how to deke in NHL 16 using the skill stick, check out our How To: Deke in NHL 16 Tutorial Video.


This all-new training tool will help sharpen your offensive and defensive skills no matter your talent level. Visual aids project shooting targets, passing lanes, open teammates, and more. To change the On-Ice Trainer settings go to CUSTOMIZE > SETTINGS > ON-ICE TRAINER in the NHL 16 main menu.

Context Control prompt appears above your player, so you know which behaviors can be done, and how to execute them. Beginner entry control settings will only display the prompt. Intermediate settings will introduce new control prompt you learn, and experts can only tell you control, you do not use.

When you jump into your first game in the visual ice trainer will ask you to do basic commands, such as taking a slap shot, make a pass or win a showdown. Once you have completed these tasks trainer will ask you to try more advanced control, such as one-touch pass dekes or UFO. Visual ice training concerning the best thing is that it is adapted to how you play - because of your skills improve, you will see less ice during the game's visual prompt trainer. You can also jump into the practice mode to test the free skate, team business or practice goalie coach.

Play your way
There are more than 16 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma just play. Whether you take your favorite team is a generic control over live out your fantasies NHL career, or build their own ultimate dream team NHL 16 may be provided for each type of single and multiple modes of hockey fans.

General Motors
I think you have what it takes to manage your favorite NHL team and lead them to the Promised Land? Prove it to me! Trade players, sign free agents and manage the player's personality and the new player morale system.

Become a professional player
Create your own custom characters, and through a complete NHL career play. Attribute your actions directly it affects access to the ice, make sure that your professional skills, show your play. Shape your heritage, see if you can lead your favorite team Stanley Cup.

Only in HUT you can build and with all your favorite players to create amazing moment, the rest of the team is unlikely to play a team. New players can single-person seasonal seasons from around the world HUT online AI to play against other teams and more experienced players might face closure.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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