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News.Welcome to NHL 16 (1)

NHL 16 is finally here! Whether you are a new franchise, or it is just some time since you last played, here are some useful tips to help you jump into the game and take advantage of all NHL16 offer.

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Difficulty settings
When you play NHL16, for the first time, a prompt will appear, asking how you want to play. You can very easily choose between standard or custom settings. Who's playing first NHL player should choose simple and players who had played the game should be the selection criteria.

In NHL16, you have four different difficulty settings to choose from: Rookie, professional, all-stars and superstars. These settings factor, AI is how difficult the game. At higher difficulty bigger the challenge.

Type of Player          Recommended Difficulty Setting to Start
Beginner                         Rookie
Casual                             Pro
Experienced                      All-Star
Very Experienced                 Superstar


Friday, November 06, 2015

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