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News.FIFA 16 team chemistry is to establish the number of different ways

Less than a month later, one of PlayStation 4 and Xbox its official release, the football simulation video game "FIFA 16" is currently being developed positive comments from gamers and critics despite sub-par compared to Konami's "PES 2016 "In addition to full of new content, one of the most praised features of the" FIFA 16 "is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, which is a game mode, players must learn to set up the team they randomly get a card from a digital add-on pack described game reactors. After assembling the team FUT mode, players can begin to participate in several events, and a chance to win the championship, to earn more coins, can eventually be used to establish the corresponding dream.

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When you start the draft FUT, you will be asked to choose your form. Now, EA limits its random choice, so do not be surprised, if you like form is not available in FIFA 16 you need to do is go to something that is balanced, so that your attacks, but also ready to defend against attacks. General options, such as 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 is a good start. In entering the NBA draft, select your difficulty - to the one you are comfortable with, remember that this is a four-game series. You do not want to be too arrogant to choose a level of difficulty as the world's largest prize distribution to complete all four games. Now you need to choose your form. To the classic 4-3-3 until you are satisfied with the alternatives. There's a reason this formation is very popular - it works very well. You need to do most of the star players in the draft pool.

Achievement is a special feature only available in the mobile version of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, they hold the key to massive rewards. The top of your user photos Tap the top left corner of the menu, check their results screen; this is a list of 76 achievements that you'll get free card pack if you beat them. These range from simple things - Op ten matches to earn gold package - more complex things like buying Charlie Austin and scored him. Focus fight these and your team will grow faster. Too many achievements holding limit your eyes; sometimes, they can be repeated, which means you can rack up huge rewards in such a way again and again.

If the real football authorities threw out the amount of cash to pass a team competition, then Arsenal will be the richest club in the world and Wenger may have put his hands in his pockets in the transfer window - or maybe not. It may not happen in real life, but FIFA Ultimate Team and pay for the completion of the ball and the goal, so if you have a defense as leaky as the Sunderland back four, do not mess about with the long-range strike and fancy lob, just put the ball back of the net as much as you can.

In selecting FUT 16 chemical style, you should carefully analyze the role of each player's style according to our form. You form style, it will affect the player selection formula. Players in the same position, but may have different needs in different formations. For example, if you hit 4-1-2-1-2 wide formation, your player faster. Also, if you hit the formation of 5-3-2, maintenance and the title is more important. FIFA 16 team chemistry is the number of the establishment of different ways. First of all, to maximize the chemical players in their favorite position is crucial in FUT. Sometimes it is tempting to align players in different positions, so that they can better gel teammate, but mobile players position their native lids chemical levels may be in your team.


Friday, October 30, 2015

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