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News.Beast Card Equip System inside Tree of Savior

There are no revisions for tree of savior a few weeks, for today’s article many of us will introduce the changes for tree of deliverer, about the monster credit card equip system. The monster card equip system is on developing now, and maybe the final version looks different from we showed you, you can expect that. tree of savior

Do you know what exactly is the monster card equip system? Generally speaking, the monster card will can be acquired by the cubes bought after defeating field supervisor monsters and instanced dungeon or even the mission bosses. The final aim because of this system is to generate a function that these cards could be equipment by a personality, just like the products items. When your character adjustable rate mortgage the monster cards, your character will have their very own effects for the huge cards.

It is also a question that how to equip the monster cards, there will be the modern slots to be added in to the characters’ inventories. Each rank of the character will grant them one slot, for example, if your character is in rank 5, you will have 5 shots inside the inventory to put your current monster card. You can right press or drag and drop the card on the slot when you wish to equip the card through your inventory. You can equip different cards and receive their diverse forms of benefits at once, or you can equip multiples from the same card and focus for a passing fancy effect that you want to multiply. If you do not need to equip one card, you can unequip the idea, but it will cause your exp to decrease. You can decide equip or unequip by yourself.




Friday, July 01, 2016

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